The most effective solution management of the academic journal!

You can manage all processes associated with your manuscript to Manuscript Management System. You can create journal to special designs with Presentation System.


Perfect Design

We produce unique design solutions appropriate to your organizational structure and provide user-friendly and stylish look of your journal with Journal of the Presentation System.


Modular Structures

We provide issues archive, manuscript archive, easy indexed, search engine optimization, fast page load time and improved solutions in recent methodology.


Easy to Use

All processes of the Journal Management System is edited by a user-friendly processes, so all users can easily manage it.

Annual membership fees

Presentation System

Manuscript Presentation Sytem

Pack 1 /year

  • Presentation System
  • 5 GB Hosting
  • Unlimit Bandwith
  • Default Theme
  • IOS & Android APP
  • SSL Certificate
Full System

eJournal Management Sytem

Pack 2 /year

  • Manuscript Management System
  • Manuscript Presentation System
  • 10 GB Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • Custom Theme Design
  • IOS & Android APP
  • SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Submit Manuscript
  • Virtual POS Entegration
  • DOI Management*
*Per DOI Number extra price.
Management System

Manuscript Management Sytem

Pack 3 /year

  • Management System
  • 5 GB Hosting
  • Unlimited Submit Manuscript
  • Virtual POS Entegration
  • IOS & Android APP
  • DOI Management*

Manuscript Presentation System

You can manage accepted manuscript archive dynamically and update all the modules of the administration panel in front-end with Journal Presentation System.

  • User-friendly Design

    Use of the system is extremely simple. It has been created by analyzing user-friendly design elements and user habits.

  • Unique Design

    Unlike many other systems, ıt aimed to improve the quality of service by making corporate designs.

  • Smart Linking

    Manuscripts are linked with SEO, so its are located in top positions in academic indexes and search engines.

  • Index Rules

    Your manuscripts has been provided faster scan with smart meta-applications by academic index.

Manuscript Management System

You can create new manuscript, reviewer and author archive and manage the whole process until the publication of the manuscript professionally with Manuscript Management System and use automatic DOI or manuscript number of production services with it.

  • Right Algorithms

    All workflows with rule academic journalism has been reduced to the simplest. Procedures has been simplified and more effective management has been provided.

  • Effective Communication

    You can report to editör, reviewer or authors at all critical operations with the automatic e-mail on the system.

  • Easy Transfer

    You can transfer your accepted manuscript to Presentation System directly in the Manuscript Managemant System.

  • Specific Processes

    You can created automatic DOI and manuscript number and print produced DOI number to PDF of manuscript automatically.

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